I am the founder of The Strategist Alliance. I leverage data-driven strategies that translate into growth to put my clients' businesses ahead in a fiercely competitive market. My alliance with clients has transformed their ideas into brands, drastically improve their businesses, set their businesses above their competitors and increase their bottom line by increasing their value offerings to their customers. As a seasoned Strategy Consultant and a Market Research & Consumer Specialist, I go above and beyond to exceed my clients' expectations by offering a fresh approach to strategic solutions. I embarked on this career journey when I discovered that my purpose and my ability to be a world changer lies in my passion.

From childhood, my family and close friends have known me for two things; being incredibly strategic and analytical. Having these two qualities made me the honeycomb where people come in with their problems to be solved and my satisfaction has always been the smiles that they leave my corner with. With a dedicated work ethic and ambitious persona, it is no surprise I have successfully advanced in my career. I have created a service company that focuses on increasing business growth through data and strategy, using my analytical techniques, and strategic thinking to create out-of-the-box grand business strategies. My early years and education, as it rapidly became an essential hub for international business, has set the course of my career. I hold a Masters in International Management, a Master in Market Research and Consumer Behavior, and a professional certificate in Advanced Competitive Strategy. Prior to my consulting career journey, I have had the privilege to work in the Banking, Real Estate, Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Industries. I have been privileged to work with clients in the US, UK, Switzerland, Dubai, Israel, Germany, Bahrain, Latvia, Ghana, Singapore, Australia, Philippians, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, South Africa, Mexico, Morocco, Cayman Islands, Canada, Cameroon, Jordan, India and still counting.

Keziah Appiah

Strategy Consultant / Market Research

& Consumer Insight Specialist

I strongly believe and uphold the following values;

1. Delivering on promise
2. Embracing and driving change
3. Being creative and open-minded
4. Delivering WOW through service
5. Pursuing Growth & Learning
6. Building open & Honest relationships



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