We leverage data-driven strategies that translate into growth to put businesses ahead in a fiercely competitive market. We focus on market dynamics and consumer insight to develop strategies that are tailored to clients' businesses for maximum results. We believe strategy requires good data, insights and interpretation. Without the proper data to back up your strategy choices, you will be wasting time and resources.

Top-rated market research and strategy consulting services

Market Intelligence & Strategy

70% of businesses fail in the first year because their businesses are not in sync with their market dynamics. Ensuring that your business is aware of the latest market trends and developments is critical to the success of your business. Through our "Market Fix" Service, we will assist you with market data and information to make you aware of prevailing dynamics and develop strategies in areas such as market opportunity, market penetration strategy, and market development.

Competitive Intelligence & Strategy

In today's fiercely competitive market, it has become critical for businesses to differentiate themselves to stand out from the lot. Through our "The Differentiator" Service, we will assist you in determining your direct and indirect competitors and undertake a competitive analysis to ensure your business stay current on your competitors’ activities by monitoring their business and marketing strategies, product launches, customers and corporate activities.

Consumer Insight & Strategy

How do you serve people you do not know? It has become crucial for businesses to have a consumer-centric approach to business as consumers control the marketplace. Through our "Target Bot" Service, we will assist you with customer insight analysis to Improve brand equity and boost sales by looking into various territories of consumer psychology, understanding their buying pattern, and other attributes that help brands sell their products and services better.


of business strategies fail because the fundamentals are not sync with its market and consumers.



Entrepreneurship requires a whole new way of thinking and taking action. We specialize in helping individuals wanting to start their entrepreneurial journey make meaning from their ideas and bring clarity to their confusion.



We assist early-stage startups with effective data-driven strategies to give the right jump start and for later-stage startups with data-driven strategies that will increase growth to keep the business fuel burning.



With proven and effective data-driven strategies for small and medium-sized businesses, we focus on transforming your business to increase customer experience from average to "wow".

We understand that all markets and consumers are not the same and no one strategy fits all, that is why we work with our clients developing strategies that are suitable for their products, services and markets.

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